raf & mike is a


branding agency.

oh, and we like to

think we are your

brand's best friends

as well.
Our agency name is made up of our founders nicknames. You may ask: why? Because last names and initials feel too distant, too cold. We are not a lawfirm. We are not a bunch of letters. We are your friends, and you can start by calling us just like our friends do. 

Our mission is to protect, guide, and look out for your brand. Just like a best friend would. Whether your brand is just starting out or it's a multi-national highly recognized brand, it still needs to evolve and keep up with times. They are a' changin'.

That's why we don't focus on any particular media. Calling your agency "digital" or "BTL"  is so early 2000's. First thing we do is think about your brand. Then about your consumer. Then, we find the right media to make them connect and engage. Be it digital, tv, radio, below-the-line, outdoor, etc., the right media will be determined by our strategy. Once that media is determined, we bet on fresh creativity and design, combined with an effective and engaging message. 

You just call out our names, and you know wherever we are, we'll come running, to see you again. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call, and we'll be there, yes we will. You've got a friend.