Rafael Aparicio Gómez

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Raf majored in Advertising and Marketing in Bogotá, Colombia, at Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

He graduated and got a job at the advertising firm J. Walter Thompson Colombia (JWT) as a junior copywriter, where he truly discovered the advertising world - and fell in love with it.

At age 26 he was offered the position of General Creative Director at a small Below the Line (BTL) shop and took it immediately. The idea of leading his own team was a dream come true.  

4 years later, that small BTL agency grew exponentially into one of the biggest BTL agencies in Colombia, winning clients like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Bavaria-SAB Miller, Claro-Comcel, and the Colombian Football Federation, amongst others. Raf won multiple creative awards in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and got the chance to lead and design the creative and media campaign for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Colombia 2011. 

Raf is the first Colombian to graduate from The Berlin School of Creative Leadership, an Executive MBA program designed for top executives and leaders from the creative fields, mainly advertising. Raf spent over a year traveling around the globe; New York, LA, Shanghai, Tokyo, Berlin, learning different trends and management styles, visiting some of today's major creative agencies and getting the chance to meet with some of the world's top creative minds. Soaking it all up.

Raf joined forces with mike, his long time high-school buddy, and together they have founded Raf & Mike.

Michael Burrowes Cruz
Chief Design Officer (CDO)

Mike majored in Graphic Design in Boston, USA, at the Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt).

After different internships in big advertising agencies in México, Colombia, and the USA, he graduated and got a job at the advertising firm Leo Burnett Colombia as a junior graphic designer for the Philip-Morris account. Slowly but surely he was making his way to becoming the Marlboro Man. 

At age 26 he was relocated to Leo Burnett México City as he was offered the position of Philip-Morris Packaging Development Project Manager for North Latin America.  

After 3 years of Mexican fun, Mike returned to Colombia to reconnect with his family and his roots, and was hired as the Leo Burnett Creative Director for the Philip-Morris account (Andean Region).

The challenge of working with Philip Morris and the ever increasing prohibitions on their advertising, led Mike to discover different approaches and creative strategies to reach the desired audience, to think "outside the box" - or carton if you will. 

In 2012 Mike cashed out of Leo Burnett and took a leap by founding his own agency, B-DSGN, a venture that boosted his reputation and through good work, the word of mouth spread and gained him solid clients which reaffirmed his commitment to independence. 

A year later, Mike joined forces with Raf, his long time high-school buddy, and together they have founded Raf & Mike.